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Silicone Scar Products

Silicone is formed by alternating oxygen and silicon atoms. Silicone originates from sand or silica and is a man-made compound. Silicone has great resistance to water and oxidation which helps to provide a block over the scar area to help maintain moisture while protecting the scar from environment irritants and air. In essence, silicones are shown to be an exceptionally powerful skin moisturizer that helps to allow ease of application to most areas of the body.

Of course, there are other ways of treating a scar with medical options or treatments. However, medical treatments may not be effective on certain scar types or areas, are not guaranteed to fully remove a scar, and may be both time consuming and out of reach for some in regards to financial cost.

AcuScar™ is easily administered, applicable on even sensitive skin, can be applied to most scar surfaces including the face and other moving parts such as joints, and to any size scar. Thanks to the low cost of Acuscar™, as compared to other medical scar treatments, you can address the look and feel of your scar in the privacy and comforts of your own home.

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The proprietary combination of ingredients contained in AcuScar™ was meticulously developed to help provide individuals with scars the maximum benefit of temporarily relieving common symptoms of itchiness, irritation, and discomforts associated with scars. AcuScar™ may help provide additional moisture to the scar area to help manage the healing of your scar.

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