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What is AcuScar™ Silicone Scar Gel?

AcuScar™is a silicone scar gel that is formulated to help the appearance of both old and new scars. AcuScar™ contains silicone ingredients which have been shown to help flatten, smooth, and lessen the appearance of scars while also providing temporary help with discomforts such as itchiness, redness, irritation, and swelling that is associated with scars.

Is AcuScar™ Safe?

AcuScar™ can be used safely on adults as well as children. AcuScar™ is for external use only. Please consult with your physician before use if you are pregnant or lactating.

How long will it take to obtain noticeable results?

Results are typically seen within 60-90 days. Keep in mind that scars vary in quality, size, nature of the skin injury or trauma, along with individual wound healing all of which play a role in the scars final appearance and results.  For example deeper, larger scars may need more time for results to be visible than surface type scarring.

What scar types is AcuScar™ effective on?

AcuScar can be used on most common scar types including but not limited to: keloids, hypertrophic scars, surgery scars, raised acne scars, accidental scars, burn scars, piercing scars, tattoo removal scars, and cosmetic surgical scars. AcuScar™ should not be used on an open wound or burns such as third-degree burns as this will require medical supervision.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to AcuScar™?

AcuScar™ is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formula that can be used on sensitive skin. When using AcuScar™ for the first time it is recommended to apply a small test patch on the inside of your elbow area to see if a reaction to the product is experienced. If no reaction is seen or felt application may then be applied to other areas of the body where scars are present. If you have a known allergy to silicone, AcuScar™ should not be applied. If any irritation, redness, or discomfort is felt in the applied areas, discontinue use of AcuScar™ immediately.

Can AcuScar™ help with internal scars or scar tissue?

AcuScar™ is only formulated for use on external scars. The ingredients do not have the ability to penetrate the deep internal dermis layers to be effective for internal scars or scar tissue.

How long should I continue to use AcuScar™?

Applications should be performed twice daily: once in the morning and again in the evening.  Applications should be continued daily, as directed for a continuous 60-90 days. If results are still noticeable at this time, application of AcuScar™ should be continued until results are no longer seen.

Can AcuScar™ ruin my hair or stain clothing?

If application directions are followed AcuScar™ should not stain clothing. It is important to dab off any excess gel before applying garments over the area. There have been no reports of any hair issues caused from use of AcuScar™.

What is the shelf life of AcuScar™?

AcuScar™ is formulated with 100% silicone ingredients, a waterless formula. Each bottle is imprinted with an expiration date on it so the user knows when the product will be expiring. The expiration date is set for three years from the date of manufacture so there is plenty of time to use the product within that time frame.

Will AcuScar™ treat acne or acne scars?

AcuScar™ has not been tested as an acne treatment. Acne treatment should be discussed with your medical physician. However, AcuScar™ may be helpful in reducing the appearance of raised acne scars. AcuScar™ cannot help with depressed, pitted acne scars commonly referred to as ice pick or box scar scarring. This type of scarring can be addressed with a skin care professional for other forms of treatment for this scarring type.

How many applications can be obtained from a bottle of AcuScar™?

The amount of applications per bottle can vary by the size of the scar, how much product is used per application, or if applying to more than one scar area. Therefore, a concise answer cannot be provided.

When should AcuScar™ be applied?

AcuScar™ should be applied when the scar area has healed over, when there is no open wounds or when the stitches, sutures, or staples have been removed. AcuScar™ should not be applied to scabs. Once the scab falls off AcuScar™ may then be applied.

Where can AcuScar™ be purchased?

AcuScar may be purchased by clicking here. At this time, AcuScar™ is not sold in any local retail stores. You may purchase AcuScar™ either online, by phone or simply by mailing in a money order for payment. Please note: personal checks or foreign currency are not accepted for payment.

What ingredients are contained in AcuScar™?

AcuScar™ contains 100% silicone ingredients which are: Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone, and Dimethiconol .

Is a guarantee offered on results?

Silicone ingredients have been shown to be effective in helping to reduce the appearance of common scars such as keloid and hypertrophic scars along with a variety of other scar types. However, there are many factors to consider when judging results from AcuScar™ such as: the scar type, age of the scar, severity of the trauma or resulting scar, how well the product ingredients responds to the individuals skin, and most importantly if the user took the time of applying the product as directed, daily. Unfortunately, these factors are not within our control and each and every individual will have their own results so a guarantee is not offered on results of the product. Keep in mind, if some results have been seen the product has been helpful in reducing the appearance of your scar. There is no product or treatment on the market that can totally eliminate the scar area.

Does AcuScar™ lighten scars?

AcuScar™ does not contain any lightening agents in the formula.  AcuScar™ can be helpful in visibly reducing discoloration of scars from discomforts often caused from dry, irritated, itchy scar areas. By addressing these common discomforts associated with scars it in turn can help reduce the visible discolorations that may be produced from these discomforts. If you are looking to lighten your scar simply look into a skin lightening product that can be used on scars.

Will my scars go away and never come back?

AcuScar™, nor any other product or treatment can totally erase or eliminate a scar. However, AcuScar™ can help your scars appear smoother and softer, all while temporarily helping to reduce discomforts like itchiness, redness, and swelling associated with scars to help make them less noticeable.

Are samples offered?

Samples of AcuScar™ are not provided. A sample size simply would not be enough applications to see if the product is helpful for your individual scar area. AcuScar™ is to be applied twice per day, for a continuous eight weeks for maximum effectiveness.

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