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Facts About Scars

Scars develop and form resulting from various circumstances and affect millions of people yearly. Some people may obtain their scars as children, while some scars may form later in life due to an accident, injury or surgery.

There are two options to address a scar: You can either choose to manage it, or allow it to heal on its own.

By choosing to let it heal on its own, patience is needed for the healing process. This process can sometimes be slowed with additional setbacks if the scar area is either disturbed or the healing process may regress causing the area to heal abnormally along with the possibility of the area becoming more pronounced.

However, if you choose to manage your scar you can help promote healing by softening and fading the look of the scar. Silicone scar gels, like AcuScar™ can temporarily help reduce discomfort, itching, redness, and swelling associated with scars. AcuScar™ also assists in providing a waterproof block that helps to seal in moisture while helping to protect the scar from air and possible environment irritants.

This is why you need AcuScar™. Our product is a silicone scar management gel that may be used to address either minor scars as a result of an accident or even more serious scars such as a keloid scar, hypertrophic scar, or surgery scar.

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